My device is not creating waypoints in the correct location

You can manually enter a waypoint location to transfer and share data from one device to the next. If you have manually entered a waypoint using coordinates, and the location of the point does not appear where the point should be, the map datum and position format of the device may not match the map datum and position format originally used to mark the waypoint.

Position format is the way in which the GPS receiver's position appears on the screen. This is commonly displayed as latitude/longitude in degrees and minutes, with options for degrees, minutes and second, degrees only, or one of several grid formats.

Map datum is a math model which depicts a part of the surface of the earth. Latitude and longitude lines on a paper map are referenced to a specific map datum.

  1. Find out which map datum and position format was used when the original waypoint was created.

    If the original waypoint was taken from a map, there should be a legend on the map that lists the map datum and position format used to create that map. Most often this is found near the map key.

  2. Select Settings menu > Preferences > Units.
  3. Select the correct map datum and position format settings.
  4. Create the waypoint again.
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March 2024