LiveScope and Perspective Sonar Setup

From the LiveScope or Perspective sonar view, select Options > Sonar Setup.


Configures the appearance of the sonar screen (LiveScope and Perspective Appearance Settings).


Configures the layout of the sonar screen (LiveScope and Perspective Layout Settings).

Noise Reject

Reduces noise and interference and attempts to remove returns that are not actually targets in the water.

Ghost Reject

Reduces the occurrence of "ghost" images, which are duplicated or reflected images that are not actually targets in the water. The Ghost Reject setting sends more transmit power forward in the water to see farther with less noise generated by the bottom. Adjusting the Ghost Reject and Noise Reject settings together reduces the occurrence of "ghost" images most effectively. This feature is available in LiveScope Forward orientation only.


Adjusts the time varying gain, which can reduce noise.

This control is best used for situations when you want to control and suppress clutter or noise near the water surface. It also allows for the display of targets near the surface that are otherwise hidden or masked by surface noise.

Overlay Data

Sets the data shown on the sonar screen.


Configures the transducer (LiveScope and Perspective Transducer Installation Settings).

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March 2024