Inserting a Memory Card (GPSMAP 8x17/8x22/8x24/87xx)

NOTE: The memory card reader is not included with the chartplotter. It is sold as a separate accessory. You can connect a USB memory card reader to the chartplotter, or you can connect the chartplotter to a Garmin BlueNet™ network or Garmin® Marine Network with another chartplotter model that has a built-in memory card slot.

As of software version 34.00, the external USB card reader supports up to a 1 TB SD® memory card, formatted to exFAT with speed class 10 or higher.

  1. Open the door Callout number 1 on the memory card reader.

    Memory card insertion with callouts
  2. Insert the memory card Callout number 2 with the label facing away from the door.
  3. Press the card in until it clicks.
  4. Clean and dry the gasket and door.

    To prevent corrosion, be sure the memory card, gasket, and door are thoroughly dry before closing the door.

  5. Close the card reader door.
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March 2024