Selecting the Transducer Type

This chartplotter is compatible with a range of accessory transducers, including the Garmin ClearVü™ transducers, which are available at

If you are connecting a transducer that was not included with the chartplotter, you may need to set the transducer type to make the sonar function properly.

NOTE: Not all chartplotters and sonar modules support this feature.
  1. Complete an action:
    • From a sonar view, select Options > Sonar Setup > Installation > Transducers.

    • Select Settings > My Vessel > Transducers.

  2. Select an option:
    • To enable the chartplotter to detect the transducer automatically, select the transducer to change, and select Auto Detect.

    • To select the transducer manually, learn the range for the installed transducer, select the transducer to change, select the option that matches the installed transducer, such as Dual Beam (200/77 kHz) or Dual Freq (200/50 kHz), and select Change Model.


      Manually selecting a transducer could result in damage to the transducer or reduced transducer performance.

      NOTE: If you select the transducer manually, disconnect that transducer, and then connect a different transducer, you should reset this option to Auto Detect.
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