Sonar Fishfinder

When properly connected to a transducer, your compatible chartplotter can be used as a fishfinder. Chartplotter models without an xsv or xs in their names require a Garmin® sonar module and transducer to display sonar information.

For more information about which transducer is best for your needs, go to

Different sonar views can help you view the fish in the area. The sonar views available vary depending on the type of transducer and sonar module connected to the chartplotter. For example, you can view certain Panoptix™ sonar screens only if you have a compatible Panoptix transducer connected.

There are four basic styles of sonar views available: a full-screen view, a split-screen view that combines two or more views, a split-zoom view, and a split-frequency view that displays two different frequencies. You can customize the settings for each view in the screen. For example, if you are viewing the split-frequency view, you can separately adjust the gain for each frequency.

If you do not see an arrangement of sonar views to suit your needs, you can create a custom combination screen (Creating a New Combination Page). You can also add sonar views to SmartMode™ layouts (Adding a SmartMode Layout).

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March 2024