Adjusting the Color Intensity

You can adjust the intensity of colors and highlight areas of interest on the sonar screen by adjusting the color gain for traditional transducers or the contrast for some transducers. This setting works best after you have adjusted the level of detail shown on the screen using the gain or brightness settings.

If you want to highlight smaller fish targets or create a higher intensity display of a target, you can increase the color gain or contrast setting. This causes a loss in the differentiation of the high intensity returns at the bottom. If you want to reduce the intensity of the return, you can reduce the color gain or contrast.

  1. From a sonar view, select Options.
  2. Select an option based on sonar view:
    • Select Contrast.

    • Select Sonar Setup > Appearance > Color Gain.

  3. Select an option:
    • To increase or decrease the color intensity manually, select Up or Down.

    • To use the default setting, select Default.

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