Adjusting the Level of Detail

You can control the level of detail and noise shown on the sonar screen either by adjusting the gain for traditional transducers or by adjusting the brightness for Garmin ClearVü™ transducers.

If you want to see the highest intensity signal returns on the screen, you can lower the gain or brightness to remove lower intensity returns and noise. If you want to see all return information, you can increase the gain or brightness to see more information on the screen. This also increases noise, and can make it more difficult to recognize actual returns.

  1. From a sonar view, select Options.
  2. Select Gain or Brightness.
  3. Select an option:
    • To increase or decrease the gain or brightness manually, select Up or Down.

    • To allow the chartplotter to adjust the gain or brightness automatically, select an automatic option.

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March 2024