Video Settings

Some cameras provide additional setup options.

NOTE: Not all options are available on all camera models and chartplotter models. You may need to update the camera software to use this feature.

From the video screen, select Options > Video Setup.

Set Input

Associates the camera with a video source.


Reverses the image like a rearview mirror.


Places the camera in standby mode to conserve power and protect the lens when not in use.

Home Position

Sets the home position of the camera.

Scan Speed

Sets how quickly the camera moves during a scan.

Scan Width

Sets the width of the image captured by the camera during a scan.


Stabilizes the picture using mechanical means.

Low Light

Optimizes the video for low-light environments.


Sets the aspect ratio.


Optimizes the video for foggy environments.

Dynamic Range

Sets the range to wide or standard.

E. Stabilization

Stabilizes the picture using software image processing.


Controls the camera's integrated light source to help illuminate the environment.


Allows you to enter a new name for this camera.

FLIR™ Menu

Provides access to the settings for the camera.

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