Surround View Camera System


Do not solely rely on this system for vessel docking and operation purposes.

Objects displayed by the cameras may be closer than they appear.

This system is only intended to enhance situational awareness when used properly. If used improperly, you could become distracted by the display. Failure to pay attention to your surroundings during vessel docking and operation could cause you to miss obstacles or hazards in or around the water, leading to an accident causing property damage, personal injury, or death.

The Surround View Camera System is a set of dedicated cameras installed and configured to provide a complete bird's-eye view of your vessel to easily see your immediate surroundings. You can also view video feeds from any of the dedicated cameras in the system to help with maneuvering and docking.

The Surround View Camera System is available only on select vessels and is installed in the factory.

To view the surround view camera screen, from the home screen, select Vessel > Surround View.

Surround view camera screen




Callout number 1

Bird's-eye view

The bird's-eye view is always shown on the surround view camera screen.

You can include the bird's-eye view as part of a combo with another screen, such as a chart.

Callout number 2

Individual camera feeds

By default, two individual camera feeds are shown on the surround view screen. You can customize this to show only one camera instead.

You can quickly change which cameras are shown in these feeds.

Callout number 3

Selected camera indicator

This indicator shows which camera is shown in the individual camera feed.

Callout number 4

Visual bumper

You can enable and configure the visual bumper to show a line on the birds-eye view that can help you judge how close objects are to your boat.

Callout number 5

Distance marker

You can enable this feature to help judge distances when maneuvering or docking.

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March 2024