Yamaha Engine Gauges

Select Vessel > YAMAHA to view the Yamaha® engine gauges. This screen varies based on the engine network and throttle controller.

Engine gauges screen with callouts

Callout number 1

Data fields

Hold to replace the data.

Callout number 2

Current time

Hold to view trip data.

Callout number 3

Select to toggle the autopilot bar on and off (Helm Master® EX).

Select to set the joystick button for Set Point functions (Helm Master).

Callout number 4

Tank level information

Hold a tank to view detailed tank level sensor information.

Callout number 5

Status icons

GPS signal strength (Helm Master)

Callout number 6

Select to set the Fish Point settings (Helm Master/Helm Master EX).

Select to set the trolling speed (Helm Master/Helm Master EX/Mechanical RC/Digital Electronic RC (6X6/6X7)).

Callout number 7

Data fields

Hold to replace the data.

Callout number 8

Shift position

Callout number 9

Tachometer and trim angle

Hold to change the background.

Callout number 10

Engine information

Hold to replace the data and change the gauge appearance.

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March 2024