Home Screen

The home screen is an overlay that provides access to all of the features in the chartplotter. The features are dependent on the accessories you have connected to the chartplotter. You may not have all of the options and features discussed in this manual.

When viewing any screen, you can return to the home screen by selecting Home button.

Home screen with callouts

Callout number 1

Settings menu button

Callout number 2

Features buttons

Callout number 3

Present time, present depth, or autopilot control button

Callout number 4

Category tabs

Callout number 5

Closes the home screen and returns to the previously open page

The categories tabs provide quick access to the main features of your chartplotter. For example, the Sonar tab displays the views and screens related to the sonar feature. You can save items you commonly access to the Pinned category.

TIP: To view the available categories tabs, you may need to click and drag a tab to scroll left or right.

The SmartMode™ items are geared toward an activity, such as cruising or docking. When a SmartMode button is selected from the home screen, each display in the station can show unique information. For example, when Cruising is selected from the home screen, one display can show the navigation chart and another display can show the radar screen.

When multiple displays are installed on the Garmin BlueNet™ network or Garmin® Marine Network, you can group them together into a station. A station enables the displays to work together, instead of as several separate displays. You can customize the layout of the screens on each display, making each screen different on each display. When you change the layout of a screen in one display, the changes appear on only that display. When you change the name and symbol of the layout, those changes appear on all displays in the station, to maintain a consistent appearance.

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March 2024