Setting the Scroll Speed

You can set the rate at which the sonar image moves across the screen. A higher scroll speed shows more detail until there is no additional detail to show, at which point it starts stretching out the existing detail. This can be useful while moving or trolling, or when you are in very deep water where the sonar is pinging very slowly. A lower scroll speed displays sonar information on the screen longer.

For most situations, the Default setting provides a good balance between a quickly scrolling image and less distorted targets.

  1. From a sonar view, select Options > Sonar Setup > Scroll Speed.
  2. Select an option:
    • To adjust the scroll speed automatically using speed-over-ground or water speed data, select Auto.

      The Auto setting selects a scroll rate to match the boat speed, so targets in the water are drawn with the correct aspect ratio and appear less distorted. When viewing Garmin ClearVü™/SideVü sonar views or searching for structure, it is recommend to use the Auto setting.

    • To scroll faster, select Up.

    • To scroll more slowly, select Down.

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March 2024