Sonar Setup

NOTE: Not all options and settings apply to all models, sonar modules, and transducers.
These settings apply to the following types of transducers.
  • Traditional

  • Garmin ClearVü™

  • SideVü

These settings do not apply to Panoptix™ transducers.

From a sonar view, select Options > Sonar Setup.

Scroll Speed

Sets the rate at which the sonar scrolls from right to left (Setting the Scroll Speed).

In shallow water, you can select a slower scroll speed to extend the length of time the information is displayed on screen. In deeper water, you can select a faster scroll speed. Automatic scroll speed adjusts the scrolling speed to the speed the boat is traveling.

Noise Reject

Reduces the interference and the amount of clutter shown on the sonar screen (Sonar Noise Rejection Settings).


Configures the appearance of the sonar screen (Sonar Appearance Settings).


Sets sonar alarms (Sonar Alarms).


Configures various sonar display and data source settings (Advanced Sonar Settings).


Configures the transducer ( Transducer Installation Settings).

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