Autopilot Overlay Bar

NOTE: Not all options are available on all autopilot models.

Autopilot bar with callouts

Callout number one

Autopilot status

Callout number two

Engages and disengages heading hold

Callout number three

Steers left

Callout number four

Actual heading

Callout number five

Rudder position indicator (available only when a rudder sensor is connected)

Callout number six

Intended heading (heading the autopilot is steering toward)

Callout number seven

Steers right

Callout number eight

Engages the last used steering pattern

Callout number nine

Engages follow route mode (available only when autopilot is in standby status and navigating using Go To, Route To, or Auto Guidance)

Callout number ten

Opens the full autopilot screen and menu

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