Networked Video Devices


A Garmin® Power over Ethernet (PoE) Isolation Coupler (P/N 010-10580-10) must be used when connecting Ethernet devices, such as FLIR® cameras, to a Garmin Marine Network. Connecting an Ethernet device directly to a Garmin Marine Network chartplotter damages the Garmin chartplotter and may damage the Ethernet device.


In some jurisdictions it could be considered an invasion of privacy rights to take or publicly display photographs or videos of people without their permission. It is your responsibility to know and comply with privacy laws and rights within the applicable jurisdiction(s).

Before you can view and control video devices such as IP cameras and thermal cameras using your chartplotter, you must have a compatible video device connected to your chartplotter, and you must have a marine network cable Power over Ethernet (PoE) isolation coupler. Go to for a list of compatible devices or to purchase a PoE Isolation Coupler.

You can connect multiple supported video cameras to the Garmin Marine Network. You can select and view up to four video sources at once. When the cameras are connected, the network detects them automatically and displays them in the source list.

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