Customizing the Layout of a SmartMode or Combination Page

You can customize the layout and data shown in the combination pages and SmartMode™ layouts. When you change the layout of a page in a display you are interacting with, the change appears only on that display, except for the SmartMode name and symbol. When you change the SmartMode name or symbol for the layout, the new name or symbol appears on all displays in the station.

  1. Open a page to customize.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Edit Layout or Edit Combo.
  4. Select an option:
    • To change the name, select Name or Name & Symbol > Name, enter a new name, and select Done.

    • To change the SmartMode symbol, select Name & Symbol > Symbol, and select a new symbol.

    • To change the number of functions shown and the layout of the screen, select Layout, and select an option.

    • To change the function of a portion of the screen, select the window to change, and select a function from the list on the right.

    • To change how the screens are split, drag the arrows to a new location.

    • To change the data shown on the page and additional data bars, select Overlays, and select an option.

      TIP: While viewing a screen with data overlay, hold an overlay box to quickly change the data in it.
    • To assign a preset to a portion of the SmartMode screen, select Favorites > Include, and select a preset from the list on the right.

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March 2024