Pairing the GC 100 Camera with a Garmin Chartplotter

Before you can connect a wireless device to the chartplotter wireless network, you must configure the chartplotter Wi‑Fi® network (Setting Up the Wi‑Fi Network).

The GC™ 100 camera internal battery must be charged, before it can pair with a chartplotter. The camera status light flashes amber while the internal battery is still charging. In some cases the status light may not turn on for several minutes after the camera has been connected to power.

You can remove the camera from the housing, temporarily, to ease pairing with the chartplotter. The camera's internal battery can power it for short periods.

  1. With the camera within an unobstructed 76 m (250 ft.) of the chartplotter, quickly press Power button at least three times.

    The camera status light will start flashing blue to indicate it is searching for a chartplotter.

  2. On the chartplotter, select Settings > Communications > Wireless Devices > Garmin Camera > Start.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
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March 2024