Chart Layer Settings

From a chart, select Options > Layers > Chart.

Satellite Photos
Shows high-resolution satellite images on the land or on both land and sea portions of the Navigation chart, when certain premium maps are used (Showing Satellite Imagery on the Navigation Chart).
NOTE: This setting must be enabled to view Standard Mapping® charts.
Tides & Currents

Shows current station indicators and tide station indicators on the chart (Showing Tides and Current Indicators) and enables the tides and current slider, which sets the time for which tides and currents are reported on the map.

Land POIs

Shows points of interest on land.


Shows navigational aids, such as ATONs and flashing lights, on the chart. Allows you to select NOAA or IALA navaid type.

Service Points

Shows locations for marine services.


Adjusts the items on the depth layer (Depth Layer Settings).

Restricted Areas

Shows information about restricted areas on the chart.

Photo Points

Shows camera icons for aerial photos (Viewing Aerial Photos of Landmarks).

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March 2024