Chart Layers

You can turn on and off chart layers and customize features of the charts. Each setting is specific to the chart or chart view being used.

NOTE: Not all settings apply to all charts and chartplotter models. Some options require premium maps or connected accessories.
NOTE: The menus may contain some settings that are not supported by your installed charts or your present location. If you make changes to those settings, the changes will not impact the chart view.

From a chart, select Options > Layers.


Shows and hides chart-related items (Chart Layer Settings).

My Vessel

Shows and hides items relating to the boat (My Vessel Layer Settings).

Manage User Data

Shows and hides user data, such as waypoints, boundaries, and tracks, and opens user data lists (User Data Layer Settings).

Other Vessels

Adjusts how other vessels are shown (Other Vessels Layer Settings).


Shows and hides depth items (Water Layer Settings).

Quickdraw Contours

Shows and hides Garmin Quickdraw™ Contours data ( Garmin Quickdraw Contours Settings).


Shows and hides weather-related items (Weather Layer Settings).

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