Showing Satellite Imagery on the Navigation Chart

NOTE: This feature is available with premium charts, in some areas.
You can overlay high-resolution satellite images on the land or on both land and sea portions of the Navigation chart.
NOTE: When enabled, high-resolution satellite images are present only at lower zoom levels. If you cannot see high-resolution images in your optional chart region, you can select to zoom in. You also can set the detail level higher by changing the map zoom detail.
  1. From the Navigation chart, select Options > Layers > Chart > Satellite Photos.
  2. Select an option:
    • Select Land Only to show standard chart information on the water, with photos overlaying the land.

      NOTE: This setting must be enabled to view Standard Mapping® charts.
    • Select Photo Map to show photos on both the water and the land at a specified opacity. Use the slider bar to adjust the photo opacity. The higher you set the percentage, the more the satellite photos cover both land and water.

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March 2024