Receiving Notifications


Do not read or reply to notifications while operating the vessel. Failure to pay attention to the conditions on the water can result in vessel damage, personal injury, or death.

Before your GPSMAP® device can receive notifications, you must connect it to your mobile device and enable the Smart Notifications feature (Enabling Smart Notifications).

When the Smart Notifications feature is enabled and your mobile device receives a notification, a pop-up notification appears on the GPSMAP screen briefly.

NOTE: The available actions depend on the type of notification and your phone operating system.
  • To answer a phone call on your phone, select Answer.
    TIP: Have your phone nearby. The phone call is answered on your mobile phone, not on the chartplotter.
  • To not answer the phone call, select Decline.
  • To review the full message, select Review.
  • To dismiss the pop-up notification, select OK or wait for the notification to close automatically.
  • To remove the notification from the chartplotter and your mobile device, select Clear.
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March 2024