Importing a Polar Table Manually

If you save the polar table file as polar.plr and place it in the Garmin/polars/ folder on the memory card, the chartplotter imports the data automatically after you insert the memory card. If it does not import the data automatically, or if you want to load a different set of data, you can initiate the import manually.

  1. Save the polar table as a .plr file in the Garmin/polars/ folder on the memory card.
  2. Insert the memory card containing the polar data file into the chartplotter (Memory Cards).
  3. Select Settings menu > My Vessel > Polar Table > Import from Card.
  4. If necessary, select the card slot and the polar table file.

After the polar table is imported, you can remove the memory card.

If you need to import a different set of polar tables based on your sailing plans or conditions, you must manually import the new polar-table data. The chartplotter supports one set of data at a time.

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March 2024