Connecting a VIRB 360 Action Camera

You can connect a VIRB® 360 action camera to the chartplotter using WPS. If you are connecting a VIRB camera, connect through the camera settings (Connecting a VIRB Action Camera).

  1. Set up the chartplotter's Wi‑Fi® network (Setting Up the Wi‑Fi Network).
  2. Bring the camera near the chartplotter.
  3. On the VIRB 360 camera main menu, select Wireless > Wi-Fi.
  4. If necessary, select the Wi-Fi toggle switch to enable the Wi‑Fi technology.
  5. Press Right arrow button to select WPS, and press OK.
  6. On the chartplotter, select Vessel > VIRB® > Search symbol.

    The camera searches for the Wi‑Fi network and connects.

You can control the camera using the chartplotter.

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March 2024