My device will not acquire GPS signals

If the device is not acquiring satellite signals, there could be a few causes. If the device has moved a large distance since the last time it has acquired satellites or has been turned off for longer than a few weeks or months, the device may not be able to acquire the satellites correctly.

  • Ensure the device is using the latest software. If not, update the device software (Software Updates).
  • If the device is using an internal GPS antenna, make sure the device has a clear view of the sky so the internal antenna can receive the GPS signal. If it is mounted inside of a cabin, it should be close to a window so it can receive the GPS signal. If the device is mounted inside a cabin and cannot be placed in a location where the device can acquire satellites, use an external GPS antenna.
  • If the device is using an external GPS antenna, make sure the antenna is connected to the chartplotter or the NMEA® network. If necessary, see the GPS antenna installation instructions for connection information and diagrams.
  • If the device is using an external GPS antenna connected using the NMEA 2000® network, select Settings menu > Communications > NMEA 2000 Setup > Device List. Make sure the antenna appears on this list. If it does not, verify the antenna installation and the NMEA 2000 network installation.
  • If the device has more than one GPS antenna source, select a different source (Selecting the GPS Source).
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March 2024