Yamaha Autopilot Settings

From a Yamaha® engine screen, select Options > Autopilot Setting.

Pattern Set

Allows you to select an autopilot pattern.


Sets a port or starboard direction for the pattern.


Sets the spacing for the pattern.


Sets the length of the pattern.


Sets the angle for the zigzag pattern.

Initial Radius

Sets the radius of the spiral pattern.

Final Track Point Mode

Sets the mode for the autopilot when it reaches the end of a route. The FishPoint® option maintains the position, but does not maintain the heading. The DriftPoint® option allows the boat to drift with the wind or current while maintaining the selected heading, but does not maintain the position. The StayPoint® option maintains the position and the heading. The Deceleration option stops the motor, but does not maintain the position or heading. The No Deceleration option does not stop the motor.

Course Hold Offset

Sets a distance to navigate parallel to a route.

NOTE: Detailed information on the operation of the Yamaha Joystick and Autopilot system can be found in the Quick Guide included with the latest Joystick/Autopilot kit.
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March 2024