MotionScope Doppler Radar Technology

The GMR™ GMR Fantom™ radar uses the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets to help you avoid potential collisions, find flocks of birds, and track weather formations. The Doppler effect is the frequency shift in the radar echo due to the relative motion of the target. This allows for instant detection of any targets moving toward or away from the radar.

The MotionScope™ feature highlights the moving targets on the radar display so you can navigate around other boats or severe weather, or toward fishing spots where birds are feeding at the surface.

The moving targets are color-coded so you can tell at a glance which targets are moving toward or away from you. On most color schemes, green indicates the target is moving away from you and red indicates the target is moving toward you.

On some models, you can also adjust the M-Scope Sensitivity setting to change the speed threshold for target highlighting. A higher setting highlights slower targets, and a lower setting highlights only faster targets.

MotionScope radar views
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March 2024