The marine radar transmits microwave energy that has the potential to be harmful to humans and animals. Before beginning radar transmission, verify that the area around the radar is clear. The radar transmits a beam approximately 12° above and below a line extending horizontally from the center of the radar.


To avoid possible personal injury, do not look directly at the antenna at close range when the radar is transmitting. Eyes are the most sensitive part of the body to electromagnetic energy.

When you connect your compatible chartplotter to an optional Garmin® marine radar, such as a GMR™ GMR Fantom™ 6 radar or a GMR 24 xHD, you can view more information about your surroundings.

The radar transmits a narrow beam of microwave energy as it rotates to a 360° pattern. When the transmitted energy contacts a target, some of that energy is reflected back to the radar.

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March 2024