Controlling the VIRB Action Camera Video Playback

You can view VIRB® action camera video and images using the chartplotter.

NOTE: The VIRB playback on the chartplotter is shown in the same quality as the live view on the chartplotter. To view the high-resolution video, view the video on a computer or television.
  1. From the VIRB® screen, select Photo and video gallery symbol.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the thumbnail images to load.
  3. Select a video or image.
  4. Control the playback using the on-screen buttons or menu options:
    • To stop the video, select Stop symbol.

    • To pause the video, select Pause symbol.

    • To replay the video, select Replay symbol.

    • To play the video, select Play symbol.

    • To skip ahead or back in the video, drag the slider.

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March 2024