Enabling the Mercury Helm


You are responsible for the safe and prudent operation of your vessel. The Mercury® Helm does not steer the boat for you and does not avoid navigational hazards. Failure to safely operate your boat could result in an accident causing property damage, serious personal injury, or death.

With a Mercury engine configured to operate with the Mercury Helm engine control feature on the chartplotter, you can enable one helm as the active Mercury Helm. The active Mercury Helm controls the Mercury engines and Mercury chartplotter engine control overlays (for example Mercury Cruise). The overlays at non-active helms are visible but disabled, so that users at a non-active helm cannot accidentally control the engine.

As you move around the boat, you can change the active Mercury Helm from station to station, up to four.

  1. Select Settings > System > Station Information > Mercury Helm.
  2. Make a selection.
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March 2024