Setting the Garmin FrontVü Depth Alarm


Garmin FrontVü™ sonar and the Garmin FrontVü depth alarm are tools for situational awareness only, and may not prevent groundings in all circumstances. As vessel speeds approach and exceed 8 knots, your ability to effectively respond to the information provided by the sonar and/or alarm decreases. It is your responsibility to remain aware of your surroundings while underway and to operate your vessel in a safe and prudent manner. Failure to do so could result in an accident leading to property damage, personal injury, or death.


The Beeper setting must be turned on to make alarms audible (Sounds and Display Settings). Failure to set audible alarms could lead to injury or property damage.

NOTE: This alarm is available only with Panoptix™ Garmin FrontVü transducers.

You can set an alarm to sound when the depth is below a specified level. For best results, you should set the bow offset when using the front collision alarm (Setting the Bow Offset).

  1. From the Garmin FrontVü sonar view, select Options > FrontVü Alarm.
  2. Select On.
  3. Enter the depth at which the alarm is triggered, and select Done.

On the Garmin FrontVü screen, a depth line shows the depth at which the alarm is set. The line is green when you are in a safe depth. The line turns yellow when you are going faster than the forward range gives you time to react (10 seconds). It turns red and sounds an alarm when the system detects an obstruction or the depth is less than the entered value.

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March 2024