Radar Installation Settings

Front of Boat

Compensates for the physical location of the radar when it is not on the boat axis (Front-of-Boat Offset).

Antenna Configuration

Sets the radar antenna size and sets the position in which the radar stops (Setting a Custom Park Position (open array antenna)).

No Transmit Zone

Sets the area in which the radar does not transmit signals (Enabling and Adjusting a Radar No Transmit Zone).

Measuring and Setting the Front-of-Boat Offset

The front-of-boat offset compensates for the physical orientation of the radar scanner on a boat, if the radar scanner does not align with the bow-stern axis. The front-of-boat offset setting configured for use in one radar mode is applied to every other radar mode and to the radar overlay.

  1. Using a magnetic compass, take an optical bearing of a stationary target located within viewable range.
  2. Measure the target bearing on the radar.
  3. If the bearing deviation is more than +/- 1 degree, set the front-of-boat offset.
  4. From a radar screen, select Options > Radar Setup > Installation > Front of Boat.
  5. Select Up or Down to adjust the offset.

Setting a Custom Park Position

By default, the antenna is stopped perpendicular to the pedestal when it is not spinning. You can adjust this position.

  1. From the radar screen, select Options > Radar Setup > Installation > Antenna Configuration > Park Position.
  2. Use the slider bar to adjust the position of the antenna when stopped, and select Back.
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March 2024