Enabling and Adjusting a Radar No Transmit Zone

You can indicate areas within which the radar scanner does not transmit signals.

NOTE: GMR™ GMR Fantom™ and xHD2 radar models support two no-transmit zones. Most other GMR radar models support one no-transmit zone. GMR 18 HD+ radar models do not support no-transmit zones.
  1. From a radar screen, select Options > Radar Setup > Installation > No Transmit Zone.

    The no-transmit zone is indicated by a shaded area on the radar screen.

  2. Select Angle 1, and select the new location for the first angle.
  3. Select Angle 2, and select the new location for the second angle.
  4. Select Done.
  5. If necessary, repeat for the second zone.
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March 2024