Getting Started with the ActiveCaptain App

You can connect a mobile device to the GPSMAP® device using the ActiveCaptain® app. The app provides a quick and easy way for you to interact with your GPSMAP device and complete such tasks as sharing data, registering, updating the device software. When configured, you can also receive mobile device notifications.

  1. From the GPSMAP device, select Vessel > ActiveCaptain.
  2. From the ActiveCaptain page, select Wi-Fi Network > Wi-Fi > On.
  3. Enter a name and password for this network.
  4. Insert a memory card in the GPSMAP device's card slot (Memory Cards).
  5. Select Set ActiveCaptain Card.

    You might be prompted to format the memory card. Formatting the card deletes all information saved on the card. This includes any saved user data, such as waypoints. Formatting the card is recommended, but not required. Before formatting the card, you should save the data from the memory card onto the device internal memory (Copying User Data from a Memory Card). After formatting the card for the ActiveCaptain app, you can transfer the user data back to the card (Copying All User Data to a Memory Card).

    NOTE: Formatting the memory card in the chartplotter retains the format type and is not able to change it. If you want to change a card format from FAT32 to exFAT, for example, you must make that change using a computer or other device before using the card in the chartplotter.

    Be sure the card is inserted each time you want to use the ActiveCaptain feature.

  6. From the application store on your mobile device, install and open the ActiveCaptain app.
    TIP: You can scan this QR code using your mobile device to download the app.

    QR code
  7. Bring the mobile device within 32 m (105 ft.) of the GPSMAP device.
  8. From your mobile device settings, open the Wi‑Fi® connections page, and connect to the GPSMAP device, using the name and password you entered in step 3.
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March 2024