Controlling the VIRB Action Camera with the Chartplotter

Before you can control a VIRB® action camera with the chartplotter, you must connect the devices using a wireless connection.

You can connect up to five VIRB action cameras to the chartplotter.

After you connect the VIRB action camera with the chartplotter, a new option is added to Vessel. You can start and stop recording on the VIRB action camera using the chartplotter.

NOTE: The VIRB image shown on the chartplotter is a in a lower resolution than the VIRB action camera records. To view the high-resolution video, view the video on a computer or television.
  1. Select Vessel > VIRB®.
  2. Select an option:
    • To take a still photograph, select Camera symbol.

    • To begin recording, select Recording symbol.

      When recording, the remaining recording memory is shown.

    • To stop recording, select Recording symbol again.

    • If you have more than one VIRB action camera connected, use the arrows to select a different action camera to control.

    • To view stored videos or images, select Photo and video gallery symbol.

    • To pan and tilt the VIRB 360, drag your finger on the screen.

    • To return the VIRB 360 view to the home position, select Home button.

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March 2024