Garmin VIRB Action Cameras


Do not view video or photos while operating the vessel. Failure to pay attention to the conditions on the water can result in vessel damage, personal injury, or death.


In some jurisdictions it could be considered an invasion of privacy rights to take or publicly display photographs or videos of people without their permission. It is your responsibility to know and comply with privacy laws and rights within the applicable jurisdiction(s).

NOTE: Garmin® VIRB® Action Cameras are discontinued. Go to for support for existing cameras.

Most VIRB action cameras connect to the chartplotter from the camera menu (Connecting a VIRB Action Camera).

The VIRB 360 camera connects using WPS (Connecting a VIRB 360 Action Camera).

In this manual, the term "VIRB action camera" refers to all models, except in the instructions on how to connect. In that case, as listed above, the term "VIRB 360 camera" refers to only the 360 model.

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