Navigation Settings

NOTE: Some settings and options require additional charts or hardware.

Select Settings menu > Preferences > Navigation.

Route Labels

Sets the type of labels shown with route turns on the map.

Turn Transition

Adjusts how the chartplotter transitions to the next turn or leg or the route. You can set the transition to be based on time or distance before the turn. You can increase the time or distance value to help improve the accuracy of the autopilot when navigating a route or an Auto Guidance line with many frequent turns or at higher speeds. For straighter routes or slower speeds, lowering this value can improve autopilot accuracy.

Speed Sources

Sets the source for the speed readings.

Auto Guidance

Sets the measurements for the Preferred Depth, Vertical Clearance, and Shoreline Distance, when you are using some premium maps.

Route Start

Selects a starting point for route navigation.

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March 2024