Tips and Shortcuts (MFD models)

  • Press Power button to turn on the chartplotter.
  • From any screen, press Power button repeatedly to scroll through the brightness levels, if available. This can be helpful when the brightness is so low you cannot see the screen.
  • Select Home button from any screen to open to the home screen.
  • Select Options to open additional settings about that screen.
  • Select Toolbars to quickly add a toolbar overlay to the current page.
  • Select Close symbol to close the menu when finished.
  • Press Power button to open additional options, such as adjusting the backlight.
  • Press Power button , and select Power > Turn Off System, or hold Power button until the Turn Off System bar fills to turn off the chartplotter, when available.
  • Press Power button , and select Power > Sleep Station to set the chartplotter to standby mode, when available.

    To exit standby mode, select Power button .

  • Depending on the features of your chartplotter, not all feature buttons are visible are on the home screen. Swipe right or left to view the additional feature buttons.
  • On some menu buttons, select the button Callout number 1 to enable the option.

    Menu buttons with callouts

    A green light on an option indicates the option is enabled Callout number 2.

  • When available, select Menu button Callout number 3 to open the menu.
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March 2024