Camera Tracking

When connected to a compatible camera, you can use advanced camera-tracking features.
  • Hold the camera on a fixed compass direction (Compass Lock)

  • Lock the camera at a fixed angle relative to the vessel (Vessel Lock)

  • Track AIS, MARPA, or waypoint targets (also known as slew-to-cue)

To use any of the camera tracking features, you must connect compatible sensors and cameras to the chartplotter using the Garmin® Marine Network or the NMEA 2000® network.

To support Compass Lock and Vessel Lock functionality, you must connect these sensors and cameras:
  • A tracking-capable marine camera, such as a newer model FLIR® IP video camera

  • A GPS antenna

  • A heading sensor

    NOTE: For the best camera tracking performance, the heading sensor should provide 9-axis data including yaw, pitch, and roll.
In addition to the sensors and cameras needed to support Compass Lock and Vessel Lock, you must connect these additional devices to the Garmin Marine Network to support AIS and MARPA tracking:
  • To track targets using AIS, you must connect a compatible AIS receiver.

  • To track targets using MARPA, you must connect a compatible radar device.

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January 2024