Connecting a VIRB Action Camera

You connect a VIRB® action camera to the chartplotter using the camera settings. If you are connecting a VIRB 360 camera, connect through the VIRB app (Connecting a VIRB 360 Action Camera).

  1. Set up the chartplotter's Wi‑Fi® network (Setting Up the Wi‑Fi Network).
  2. From the VIRB camera main menu, select Wireless > Wi-Fi > Status to turn on Wi‑Fi wireless technology.
  3. Select Mode > Connect.
  4. Select Add New.

    The camera searches for nearby Wi‑Fi networks.

  5. Select the chartplotter's Wi‑Fi network, and enter the network password.

    The app and the camera connect to the chartplotter's Wi‑Fi network.

You can control the camera using the chartplotter.

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March 2024