My Vessel Settings

NOTE: Some settings and options require additional charts or hardware.

Select Settings menu > My Vessel.


Shows all transducers on the network, allows you to change transducers, and allows you to view diagnostic information (Selecting the Transducer Type).

Depth and Anchoring

Allows you to enter information about the keel (Setting the Keel Offset) and the anchor.

The Anchor Height value is the height of the anchor above the waterline. The Anchor Scope value is the ratio of the length of anchor rode in use to the vertical distance from the bow of the vessel to the bottom of the water. These anchor settings are used to calculate the Target Anchor Rode date field.

Temp. Offset

Allows you to set an offset value to compensate for the water temperature reading from a connected water-temperature sensor or a temperature-capable transducer (Setting the Water Temperature Offset).

Calibrate Water Speed

Calibrates the speed-sensing transducer or sensor (Calibrating a Water-Speed Device).


Sets the combined fuel capacity and fuel remaining in the fuel tanks on your vessel (Fuel Settings).

Vessel Type

Enables some chartplotter features based on the boat type.


Sets the digital switching circuits, such as SeaStar® and CZone™ devices.

Polar Table

Enables polar table data, when the vessel type is not a powerboat.

System Profiles

Allows you to save your system profile to a memory card and import system profile settings from a memory card. This can be helpful for charter or fleet vessels, and for sharing your setup information with a friend.

Hull ID Number

Allows you to enter the Hull Identification Number (HIN).The HIN might be permanently affixed to the upper starboard side of the transom or outboard side.

Optimus Steering

Allows you to adjust the Optimus® steering parameters.

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