Communicating with the Garmin Response Team During an SOS Call

  1. Send an inReach® SOS call (Sending an inReach SOS Call).

    A new entry for the SOS call appears in the Conversations page. The SOS conversation appears in red text.

  2. Select the SOS conversation, and select View Conversation to view replies from the Garmin Response℠ team.
    NOTE: Replies from Garmin Response team also appear as message banners when received by the chartplotter, and you can access new messages from the Warning Manager.
  3. Select one or more actions:
    • To view the full reply from the Garmin Response team, select the reply, and select View Message.

    • To reply to the Garmin Response team, select Send Quick Message or Send Custom Message.

    • To send information about your vessel to the Garmin Response team, select Send Vessel Data.

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March 2024