LiveScope and Perspective Transducer Installation Settings

From the LiveScope or Perspective sonar view, select Options > Sonar Setup > Installation.

Install Depth

Sets the depth below the water line where the Panoptix™ transducer is mounted. Entering the actual depth at which the transducer is mounted results in a more accurate visual presentation of what is in the water.


Enables the internal attitude heading and reference system (AHRS) sensors to detect the installation angle of the Panoptix transducer automatically. When this setting is turned off, you can enter the specific installation angle for the transducer using the Pitch Angle setting. Many forward view transducers are installed at a 45-degree angle and down view transducers are installed at a zero-degree angle.

Calibrate Compass

Calibrates the internal compass in the Panoptix transducer (Calibrating the Compass).

This applies to LiveScope™ transducers with an internal compass.


Controls if the transducer is in down or forward installation mode. The Auto setting uses the AHRS sensor to determine the orientation.


Adjusts the sonar view to compensate for the speed of sound in water. The Auto setting uses the temperature of the water to calculate the speed of sound.

Restore Sonar Defaults

Restores the sonar settings to the factory default values.

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March 2024