Mercury Engine Gauges

NOTE: This feature is available only when connected to the Mercury® SmartCraft Connect gateway. The available data varies based on the engine network and may include RPM, engine hours, coolant pressure, oil pressure, and other data.

Select Vessel > Mercury to view the Mercury engine gauges.

Mercury gauges screen with callouts

Callout number 1

Engine voltage or Mercury Steering Angle1

Callout number 2

Boat status

Callout number 3

Boat speed

Callout number 4


Callout number 5

Transmission gear

Callout number 6

Engine speed

Callout number 7

Trim tabs

Callout number 8

Engine trim

TIP: To view additional engine details, select Options > Engine Data.
1 The Mercury Steering Angle may appear on the display, depending on the engine model and configuration, and its location on the display may vary.
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March 2024