Low-Speed Autopilot Mode

If you operate the autopilot system at very low speeds, when trolling for example, you can enable a low-speed mode that is more responsive in these situations.

The low-speed autopilot mode must be enabled before you can use it, and is available only for Power Planing Hull or Power Displacement Hull vessels with the Speed Source set to GPS.

Enabling and Disabling Low-Speed Autopilot Mode

By default, the low-speed autopilot mode is disabled, and you must enable it in the autopilot settings before you can use it.

  1. From the autopilot screen, select Options > Autopilot Setup > Autopilot Installation Setup > Speed Source Setup.
  2. Select Autopilot Low Speed.

    Low-speed autopilot mode is enabled.

  3. Select Autopilot Low Speed again to disable low-speed autopilot mode.

Engaging and Disengaging Low Speed Autopilot Mode

You must enable low-speed autopilot mode in the Autopilot Installation Setup menu before you can engage low-speed autopilot mode.

  1. When driving the boat at a low speed (under 1 kn.), engage the heading hold.

    A message banner appears asking if you would like to engage the low-speed autopilot heading hold.

  2. Select Low Speed to engage low-speed mode.
    NOTE: If you select Cancel or do nothing, the autopilot remains in normal heading hold.

    The autopilot system operates with increased sensitivity and reaction for better performance at low speeds.

  3. To disengage low-speed mode, disengage the autopilot or increase the boat speed above 12 kn.
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March 2024