The Garmin BlueNet Network and the Legacy Garmin Marine Network

The Garmin BlueNet™ network allows you to share data from Garmin® peripheral devices with chartplotters quickly and easily. You can connect compatible devices using Garmin BlueNet technology to receive data from and share data with other connected devices and chartplotters.

There are two types of network technology used by Garmin marine devices. The legacy Garmin Marine Network technology has larger connectors and has been in use for many years. The newer Garmin BlueNet network technology has smaller connectors and is capable of higher speeds than the previous network technology. You can connect Garmin Marine Network devices to Garmin BlueNet devices to share data with one another when the network is structured properly. For more information, see

You can view all of the devices connected to the Garmin BlueNet network and add or change a custom name for each device.

Select Settings menu > Communications > BlueNet™ Network or Marine Network.

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March 2024