Managing Notifications


Do not read or reply to notifications while operating the vessel. Failure to pay attention to the conditions on the water can result in vessel damage, personal injury, or death.

Before you can manage the notifications, you must enable the Smart Notifications feature (Enabling Smart Notifications).

When the Smart Notifications feature is enabled and your mobile device receives a notification, a pop-up notification appears on the GPSMAP® screen briefly. You can access and manage the notifications from the ActiveCaptain screen.

  1. Select ActiveCaptain > Smart Notifications > Messages.
    TIP: You can also access these notifications from All Communications > Conversations in the messages and warnings menu (Messages and Warnings).

    A list of notifications appear.

  2. Select a notification.
  3. Select an option:
    NOTE: The available options vary based on your mobile device and the notification type.
    • To dismiss and remove the notification from the chartplotter and your mobile device, select Clear or Delete.

      NOTE: This does not delete the message from the mobile device. This only dismisses and removes the notification.
    • To call the phone number back, select Call Back or Dial.

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March 2024