Creating a Group

If you have multiple Fusion® stereos connected to each other using Fusion PartyBus™ networking, you can create stereo groups and control the networked stereos and groups using the chartplotter. One stereo must be connected to the chartplotter through the NMEA 2000® network.

See the installation instructions and owner's manual provided with your compatible Fusion stereo for full information about how to install and configure a Fusion PartyBus network.

NOTE: There are some limitations when streaming sources on the Fusion PartyBus network. See the owner's manual for your Fusion stereo for more information.
  1. From the media screen, select Options > Groups.
  2. Select the name of the stereo you want to be the primary stereo in the group, and select Set as Source.
  3. Select the stereos you want to include in the group.
  4. Select Done.
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March 2024