Audio Settings

You can adjust audible alarms, alerts, and warnings that are sounded over connected audio devices. You can connect an audio device using the NMEA® 0183 Audio Cable accessory. Models that support HDMI® audio out can sound audio alarms through a device connected using HDMI.

Select Settings menu > System > Sounds and Display > Audio Setup.

Audio Output

Turns on the audio output for audio alerts. This turns on the audio output through HDMI for models that support HDMI audio out.

Audio Alerts

Sets which system alarms and alerts are played over the compatible audio output. An alarm indicates a situation could be hazardous to passengers and requires immediate action. A warning indicates the situation could be hazardous to equipment on the vessel or the vessel itself and requires action very soon. All other messages and information are classified as alerts.

Audio Alert Language

Sets the spoken language for alerts.

Audio Alert Device

Sets the device to control when alerts are played.

Audio Alert Source

Switches the audio device to the selected source when an alert is played.

Alert Volume

Controls the volume of the alerts.

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March 2024