Setting and Following a Direct Course Using Go To


When using Go To, a direct course and a corrected course may pass over land or shallow water. Use visual sightings, and steer to avoid land, shallow water, and other dangerous objects.

You can set and follow a direct course from your current location to a selected destination.

  1. Select a destination (Destinations).
  2. Select Navigate To > Go To.

    A magenta line appears. In the center of the magenta line is a thinner purple line that represents the corrected course from your current location to the destination. The corrected course is dynamic, and it moves with your boat when you are off course.

  3. Follow the magenta line, steering to avoid land, shallow water, and other obstacles.
  4. If you are off course, follow the purple line (corrected course) to go to your destination, or steer back to the magenta line (direct course).

    You can also use the orange course-to-steer arrow, which shows a proposed turning radius to return your boat to the course.


    Review the path for obstacles before negotiating the turn. If the path is unsafe, reduce your boat speed and determine a safe path back to the course.

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March 2024