Chart Settings

NOTE: Not all settings apply to all charts and 3D chart views. Some settings require external accessories or applicable premium charts.

From a chart, select Options > Chart Settings.

Map Orientation

Sets the perspective of the map.

Look Ahead

Shifts your present location toward the bottom of the screen automatically as your speed increases. Enter your top speed for the best results.

Vessel Orientation

Sets the alignment of the vessel icon on the map. The Auto option aligns the vessel icon using GPS COG at high speeds and the magnetic heading at low speeds to better align the vessel icon with the active track line. The Heading option aligns the vessel icon with the magnetic heading. The GPS Heading (COG) option aligns the vessel icon using GPS COG. If the selected data source is not available, the available data source is used instead.


The vessel orientation setting is for informational purposes and is not intended to be precisely followed. Always defer to the navaids and conditions on the water to avoid groundings or hazards that could result in vessel damage, personal injury, or death.

NOTE: You can set the Map Orientation and Vessel Orientation settings separately for two navigation charts used in a combination page.

Adjusts the amount of detail shown on the map, at different zoom levels.

Chart Size

Sets the visible size of the chart.

World Map

Uses either a basic world map or a shaded relief map on the chart. These differences are visible only when zoomed out too far to see the detailed charts.

Start Line

Sets the starting line for the sailing race (Setting the Starting Line).

Inset Map

Shows a small map centered on your present location.

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